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Why Choose the Wendy House?

We are a child centred nursery

...with 20 years of experience caring for very young children. The needs of the child as an individual are always our priority we believe in 'The Child First and Always'.

Our friendly caring experienced staff

We work and train closely as a team to continually monitor and improve the care that we offer.

Our Facilities

Our nursery is purposely built on one level to provide a very safe spacious light and airy environment for the children. We have four separate large playrooms and six gardens and play areas for the different age groups. The rooms have their own conservatories and individual gardens. Each room has been carefully designed and equipped with a full range of age appropriate toys and craft materials.


We are in a lovely village location with surrounding countryside views and fresh air. Yet only a few minutes from the main A55 expressway. However, in Brynford the sheep have the right of way so don't be surprised to see them feeding their lambs on the roads or even sitting outside the shop so do drive carefully!

Partnership with Parents

We have a strong partnership with parents working together from your very first visit and continuing as your child progresses through the nursery. We feel that good communication and mutual understanding is essential to meet your child's specific individual needs whilst in our care

About The Wendy House

How To Find Us

We are situated in the small village of Brynford near Holywell in Flintshire. Whilst we are in a lovely countryside location we are only minutes from Holywell Town and the main A55 expressway. We are located on the main through road from Holywell to Lixwm two doors away from the village shop. The nursery is a large brick built bungalow style building with a large car park in front. Our sign can be seen clearly from the road on our stone wall.


The Wendy House originally opened in 1990 on the site of the old police station in Brynsannan Brynford catering for 24 children. As our popularity grew the nursery at Lixwm Road Brynford was built and opened in 2004 running alongside Brynsannan. This building was then extended and modified in 2008 when both nurseries moved onto the new purposely built site and Brynsannan was closed. We are very proud of our nursery and the reputation that we have built up over the years.

We have kept many hundreds of parents testimonies if you would like to read them. We feel that as we are privately owned running one nursery with high standards we provide the best of both worlds. The professionalism of a large chain with the dedicated input and continuous commitment of the Owner/Manager's 20 years experience and training.

Quality Assurance/Awards

We were proud to be awarded the Investors In People Standard in 2001 which we continue to hold. We also hold the Quality Assured Award from the Wales Preschool Playgroup Association We currently hold a Silver Award for our kitchens from Flintshire County Council Environmental Health Dept.

In June 2008 Wendy who has been Chair of the Flintshire Network of the National Day Nurseries Association for ten years was delighted to receive an award for her work in the sector from the NDNA (National Day Nurseries Association). The Member Champion Award which was a National award and was presented at the Lowri Theatre in Manchester. Wendy also sits on the Welsh Policy Committee for the National Day Nurseries Assoc.

Opening Hours

  • Full day: 7.30 a.m.-6.00p.m.
  • Morning session: 7.30 a.m.-12.30 p.m. This will include a snack of fresh fruit and a drink (milk or water) at approx 10.00 a.m. and a freshly cooked two course lunch prepared by our cook Jackie at approx 12.00.
  • Afternoon session: 1.00-6.00 p.m. This session includes a light tea at approx 3.45p.m
  • We close at 6.00 p.m. and any parents arriving later to collect their child will incur a late night charge of £5 per quarter of an hour or part of- to pay staff overtime charges.

During our hours of opening a minimum of two staff will be on duty.

Parents can drop off and pick up at times convenient to them between the above but we ask for a phone call if it will be out of normal routine as we need to save a lunch etc. If you need to cancel your place at nursery or reduce the number of days your child attends a month's notice in writing must be given. Fees must be paid in lieu of any notice given as we staff the nursery on a rota planned in advance and with high staffing ratios this can make a marked difference to staff hours and therefore cost.


A large car park is available to the front of the nursery. We ask that customers enter and leave the nursery at no faster than 5 miles per hour. All vehicles and possessions left in the car park are at the customers own risk.

We ask that customers leave the disabled car park spaces free whenever possible.

In the interest of safety please do not leave children in your car unattended and secure children safely into car seats before leaving our premise.

The car park will be fully floodlit in the winter. There is a cattle grid at the vehicle entry to the nursery as sheep have grazing rights in Brynford. For those on foot there is a pedestrian gate entrance to the side of the cattle grid.


Security is a high priority at the nursery. The only access to the nursery is via the front door which operates a voice entry system. Parents will be asked if there are any other adults with them before they can gain entry. If there are they will then have to identify themselves before entry. If the visitor is not known a member of staff will come to the door to ask for identification and sign them in.

We ask that all parents do not let anyone in as they approach the door to leave. Please allow staff to release the door first. Only persons named on the child's registration form will be allowed to collect. We will need to meet all persons beforehand. Any other adults collecting other than those listed on your registration form must be identified beforehand and a password allocated.

Managers in liaison with staff based in the playrooms continually risk assess all areas of the nursery both indoors and out as a Health & Safety procedure. The nursery building is all on one level and can be evacuated in a few minutes as all units have immediate access to outdoors. We undertake regular fire drills and staff receive fire training. In case of fire we have evacuation cots stored outside for babies.The nursery buildings and car park are No Smoking Zones. We have strict procedures for the regulation of our kitchens and Hygiene practices. We have regular visits from Flintshire Environmental Health Department and current hold a Silver Award for our kitchen.


All staff have enhanced disclosures (police clearances) these are not transferable therefore all staff are re cleared when coming to work at the nursery. All staff at the nursery are automatically re cleared every three years.

On entry to the nursery staff undergo a thorough Induction with a member of senior staff. If untrained in Childcare, within six months the new staff member will be enrolled onto a N.V.Q. at a level 2. All staff follow a training and development programme throughout their employment at the nursery. Our monthly newsletter will inform you of any training courses that staff will be attending. We currently have 85% level 3(nursery nurses) or 4 (advanced practice) qualified staff the remainder are level 2 assistants. The nursery ensures that correct ratios are kept throughout holidays and staff sickness and on rare occasions may use agency staff which are fully cleared and qualified to help to do so. The nursery provides placements for childcare students from a variety of settings i.e. colleges and schools whilst they integrate and learn from staff they are not counted on staff ratio for care.


Hall and Office

You enter the nursery into the reception hall. In the hall you will see a table at which you will sign your child in and out of the nursery recording the time. You will also find the visitors book, staff signing in and out book and a file containing all the current policies and procedures of the nursery which are reviewed on a regular basis. Our most recent inspection report can also be found here. The nursery is fully insured at all times with a Public and Employers Liability and all purpose Insurance certificate being displayed in the hall. Many staff qualifications certificates are displayed.Also photographs of staff working in all units are displayed together with their qualification. The office is situated here and the Managers are available for discussion on request. A weekly menu is posted up in the hall and a parent's information board for your interest which also displays our legal documentation including our Registration Certificate with C.S.S.I.W.

You will see many pictures displayed in the hallways these are to show the experiences your child is having at the nursery. Experiences cannot be taken home like a picture or model and for very young children the process is far more important than the result-I hope as parents you can appreciate that and our pictures will record the moments for you to share. There is a disabled toilet in the hall which can be used by parents and children if they wish.

To your left the door is signposted 'Baby & Toddlers' and to your right 'Pre-school'. The units are set out as follows:

Baby & Toddlers


Outdoor Shoes

The baby and toddlers playrooms have a no shoe policy. In the interest of infection control no outdoor shoes are to be worn in the playrooms. All children staff and parents will remove their outdoor shoes. Children and staff may wear slippers kept at nursery for indoor use only and parents are asked to remove their shoes in the hall way and store them on the shoe rack provided (we ask this in the interest of safety to avoid a tripping hazard).

Infant Feeding/comforter policy

In the interest of health & hygiene the nursery follows the latest good practice recommendations from the Department of Health. The above policy can been seen in full in our policy & procedures file and a copy will be given to parents of babies/toddlers on induction to the nursery.

Baby Unit 6-16months:

Our Baby Unit measures 40.9 sq metres and can accommodate up to 11 babies from approx. 6 to 16months. The staff ratio in this room is one staff to three babies. The unit is beautifully decorated and equipped and bright and airy. It has a air conditioned/heated conservatory equipped with cots and soft snuggle corners and baskets to give some freedom of choice to the babies when rest is needed. It also has a mirror corner which babies love.

The toys are varied and appropriate for their age and many are stored on low shelves within reach and the babies enjoy helping themselves! We encourage them to move as much as possible around the unit to help develop their physical skills. The conservatory leads onto the babies own garden where they can enjoy fresh air at any time of the day. We also have triple buggies so that the babies can be taken on walks in the lovely surrounding countryside.

The staff in the unit are qualified Nursery Nurses and Nursery Assistants with years of experience working with babies. The younger babies follow their own routine and we will get to know their likes and dislikes whilst settling them in and chatting to parents. Each baby has their own information file that is updated daily if needed. As they grow they settle into having lunch at 12.00 with a sleep to follow. However all children are individual and we will be guided by the needs of the babies at all times.

Toddler Unit 16-24 months

Our toddler unit (including conservatory) measures 54 sq metres and can accommodate 15 toddlers from approx. 16-24 months. The staff ratio is one staff to three toddlers. The unit comprises of two rooms both beautifully decorated and bright and airy. The indoor space has a carpeted area and soft play with a cosy book corner and changing facilities. This space also has a separate area that can be used at lunch time or for painting etc. The room leads onto an outdoor play area marked out as a little road with a hard surface ideal for sit and rides, sand and water play etc.


The above area leads onto an air conditioned /heated conservatory play area with home corner, climbing frames, sand play and a large sliding door out onto the garden with a real 'indoor outdoor' feel for play. This garden is grassed with a hard patio area for sit and rides and sand and water play etc. this gives the toddlers choice to play in or out as they choose.

Blue Group Room 2-3 years

This room measures 41 square metres and can accommodate 15 children aged 2-3 years. The staff ratio in this room is one staff to 4 children. The unit comprises a playroom with a carpeted area with home and book corner and 'Hidey Hole'. Activities are varied and set up as appropriate. There are two child size toilets off this room as children begin to potty train.

The playroom leads onto an air conditioned/heated conservatory which is used for various activities and leads off to their garden with sit and rides sand pit and play equipment. The Blue Group also have access to Red Group garden and playrooms. We play outside most days so that the children have a varied environment with exercise and fresh air. Children also go out to the local park a short walk away and walks to see the lambs and horses in the fields nearby.

Red Group Room 3 -5 years

This room measures 58 sq metres and can accommodate up to 24 children between 3-5 years. The staff ratio in this room is 8 children to one staff member. This room comprises one large playroom with two child size toilets off. The room has a patio door leading onto the preschool garden. The gardens are used by both the Blue and Red group. We have six gardens/play areas between four units. The playroom is divided into separate areas such as book corner, blockplay, mark making, craft, painting, water, sand, home corner, carpet areas and table top play. We also teach preschool welsh and have ?Ticw' our welsh teddy to assist!

Preschool Garden

Outdoor play is very important to us here and we play out in all weather so we would appreciate appropriate clothing being supplied. Our garden comprises of a large hilly grassed area and a large barked area with slides castle etc. we also have a paved area for sit and rides and bikes. We have four chickens to care for and our own vegetable garden where we grow our own vegetables. We also have a builders yard-as close to real building as you will get with four areas of sand, gravel, soil and bark, hard hats spades bricks wheelbarrows and cement mixer where children can build dig and create to their hearts content(we do provide boiler suits for this!)

Lots of play is taken outside in good weather such as water, painting, making dens and tents etc.

Equipment and Resources

The nursery is very well equipped indoors and out, all items are chosen with the greatest care taking into account health and safety, quality and the age and stage of the children. As all play is planned to cover all developmental needs and the resources also have to meet these needs. The children have a choice of a range of environments indoors: carpeted and hard floors, conservatories. Outdoors: they have a range of play surfaces such as grass, bark, concrete and some surfaces flat and others uneven to add interest to their play experience. The children can experience play with sand, water, paint, dough, pasta, gloop cooking indoors and out. We value our outdoor space as much as our indoors and spend lots of the day in the fresh air. In the winter we wrap up and play out in the snow. The children can experience block play, mark making, role play, musical instruments and books. Large and fine physical play and our musical play and movement sessions with our Jabadao equipment which is always a favourite.

Equipment is non toxic clean sturdy and well made. Recently purchased equipment displays the lion or C.E. mark. We have a visit once a fortnight on a Tuesday from the Library Van and pre school children can select a book of their choice.


Young babies have varying sleep patterns and sleep at nursery when they need to. Our units are designed with soft corners, shanty cots and sleep baskets which will all give more choice to the baby or toddler as to when they would like to choose to rest. As they grow they settle into the sleep period at nursery and there is an opportunity to sleep from 12.30-2.00 when all units have quiet /sleep time. After lunch children are made comfortable, beds come out and the nursery is very quiet. Beds are made properly with sheets and blankets and to minimise infection all are laundered daily. Children are woken at approx. 2.00 p.m. if they have not already done so. We find that if they sleep too long then they are up very late at night! However all our rooms have comfy areas that the children can relax in if they choose to. After lunch the older children who do not sleep have quiet time with books or a little t.v. so that they can relax after a busy morning.


We have a healthy eating policy at nursery. All our meals are prepared daily by Jackie our cook using fresh ingredients delivered to us by local suppliers. We do not store or reheat any food. We have a four week rotational menu which is posted up in the hall. We review our menus and ensure that they meet current guidelines for salt and sugar content etc. We take advice from dieticians and when planning menus follow the Food and Health guidelines for Early Years and Childcare Settings issued by the Welsh Assembly Government. We cater for all diets vegetarians, celiac, dairy intolerances and allergies etc.

Children have a selection of fresh fruit in the morning and are encouraged to drink water or milk. We provide full fat milk to children under two years and semi skimmed for children over two years. A third of a pint per child per day is the free allowance we receive from the Welsh Office which we deliver in drinks, sauces and custard etc. Children have their own water bottles and can choose when to drink water throughout the day. Children do have desserts which are balanced for fat content but we discourage any sweets & chocolates etc being brought into nursery. Of course at party time we bend the rules a little! Children are encouraged to brush their teeth after lunch. Children wear a napkin at the table say a small grace 'thank you for the food we eat etc'. they are taught table manners and encouraged to be polite with pleases and thank you. We encourage staff to eat with the children to make it more of a social occasion.

If you would like your child to have breakfast at nursery you must provide it (except milk and butter which we will supply). We will serve it up to 9.00a.m.only. Please could you provide one piece of fresh fruit a day. We ask that this is not apple -as it is a choking risk. Stewed apple will be served at lunch as part of a dessert. Kiwi fruit should not be sent as research is showing that a number of young children developing severe allergies reactions to the fruit. Until the research is conclusive as a precaution we ask that no kiwi fruit is sent. Thankyou.

Key working

It is nursery policy and good practice that each unit has its own staff that care for the children in the unit on a regular basis. This provides a stable environment in which the children feel secure and gain confidence. When a child is settling he/she will be assigned a key worker who will work with them and stay to reassure them at all times until settled. This is especially important to babies and toddlers who build up attachments to key adults and is very important to this stage of their development. Once a child has settled in, key workers will be assigned for a number of days working with a set group of children. Parents can read information about their key workers on the daily key working list posted up in each unit.


Parents will receive a monthly newsletter informing them of important news and updates. Each child's progress will be carefully monitored and recorded in its file. Information will be relayed to parents both through ongoing conversations and six monthly written progress reports which parents will have an opportunity to read, comment and sign. If we have any concerns in between we will speak to parents and discuss the way forward together. Important notices will be put up at the entrance to each unit as and when needed. There will also be information posted such as play records, menus, have I eaten well? sheets and topics being covered for the month. Daily record sheets will be filled and passed on to parents each day. These will record sleep times, meals wet or soiled nappies medication etc. These will continue until children reach Red Group (age approx 3yrs ).

If we have any infection in the nursery such as chickenpox or conjunctivitis etc. details will be posted on the front door for your information. As part of our self assessment we will ask parents to periodically complete questionnaires to help us gains your views and help us continually improve our service. We would appreciate it if you could take the time to complete these and add your comments if you wish. We find comments from customers very useful.

Any Queries?

The Nursery Manager is the owner Wendy Powell and her office is in the hall of the nursery you can contact her on Tel: 01352 715100 / Mobile: 07714689507 alternately if required she will arrange for a discussion at any time convenient to all.


If you have a concern or query however small please mention it to staff in your unit or one of the Managers. It is procedure that all parent's concerns or comments are written in our concerns book so that they can be looked into by the Manager. Whilst at times parents think this may be unnecessary it is important that staff pass on all information from parents and this is an effective way to do so. The concerns book does not record formal complaints.

If we feel that a parent has made a complaint or the parent formally wishes to make a complaint a complaints form will be completed. The form will record all details in writing and a written response to parents will be made by the Manager within a period of 14 days of the day of the complaint. Following liaison with all parties and discussions and a plan forward if this is not successful the nursery owner retains the right to ask a child to leave the nursery if for any reason she feels that his/her behaviour is inappropriate and/or in her opinion is a risk to the health & safety of the other children in a physical or emotional capacity.


If you feel that your complaint has not been dealt with in a satisfactory manner if you have any concerns about the nursery and these are not being addressed by the management you can contact:

Care and Social Service Inspectorate for Wales (CSSIW)
Broncoed House
Broncoed Industrial Estate
Flintshire CH7 1HP
Tel:01352 707900

Languages Used

The nursery operates through the medium of English and all staff employed are English speaking. Welsh will be used to reinforce the children's understanding when needed and a number of welsh speaking staff are employed and will encourage this. We use Ticw our welsh teddy who comes with a number of resources to promote the use of welsh throughout the nursery. If you speak another language and would like us to introduce it into your child's day we can liaise and will do our best to arrange for this also.

Children with special needs

The nursery will make sure that all senior staff has an awareness of the requirements of the Special Education Needs Code Of Practice. The Manager Wendy Powell is the Special Needs Co Coordinator for the nursery.

Where staff at the nursery has concerns about the needs of the child, they will discuss this with the parents, and consider how these needs could be met. The nursery will not discuss the child's needs with any party unless the parents give the nursery written permission to do so staff will then work with the parent's and other relevant parties to meet the child's needs.

Staff will ensure where possible, that children with special needs have access to facilities, activities, and play opportunities alongside their peers including trips and outings and special events. Playrooms are situated on the ground floor and easily accessible Where intimate care is required, staff at the nursery will ensure that the child's privacy is maintained. Staff will endeavour to attend any training, and gather information that will increase their knowledge of children with special needs and the range of needs to be considered. We are happy for other agencies to visit and observe your child if necessary in the nursery-with your permission.

Hospital/First Aid

In an emergency parents will be contacted as soon as possible. If they cannot be contacted then the owner reserves the right to transport the child to the hospital for emergency the necessary treatment. Parents will be asked to sign a consent form on induction to the nursery for first aid and hospital treatment to endeavour to get any help needed as quickly as possible for your child.

First Aid training is a priority and most of the staff hold qualifications in under 11's first Aid. We also have fully qualified First Aiders on the staff (4 day course).


If your child has an infection it has to be removed from the nursery until it is 48 hrs clear of the infection. Infections include Vomiting & Diarrhoea, conjunctivitis, impetigo.This policy also applies to all staff. If we have more than one case of the above we will remove all sand water and playdoh throw them away and spray all containers and play equipment until the infection has passed. Microbes breed in damp warm conditions so as a precaution we only replace the above when the infection is clear.

Holidays and Sickness

The nursery will be closed between Christmas Eve and New Years Day and all Bank Holidays. Two weeks holiday allowance is given at 50% all other holidays are paid in full. No reductions are made for absence through sickness.

Admission/Induction Period

Following your enquiry to the nursery we will invite you to come and look around with your child and anyone that you would like to bring along with you. Wendy the Nursery Owner/ Manager will be happy to spend as much time as you wish showing you our facilities and resources and how we spend our day. There are many photographs to see and parents testimonies to read if you wish. You will meet the staff and we will discuss together your needs and the needs of your child and how we can accommodate these. If you decide to choose our nursery we will then invite you back to fill in all the relevant paperwork, including consent forms, discuss our security and procedures and to discuss your child's induction visits and assign a keyworker from the staff. As your child settles into the nursery he/she may attend for short periods leading up to their attendance as arranged on your visit. These sessions will be calculated at the end of the induction period and will be charged hourly or by the session as appropriate. The induction amount will be invoiced and should be paid by return. The standing Order set up will then debit for the month in advance N.B. These amounts may fall together and may need budgeting for.


Fees are paid monthly in advance by standing order. A list of current fees is enclosed. We also accept Tax Voucher payments. We do accept payment by cheque or cash if a standing order arrangement is not available from your bank this may be acceptable by arrangement with the nursery in advance. A booking fee of £50 is required this will be refunded once your child has attended the nursery for over one month and standing orders have been set up. If you fail to attend the nursery or attend less than one month then the booking fee will be lost. If for any reason fees are outstanding for the month they we reserve the right to refuse entry for your child into the nursery for the following month until fees are paid up to date. The nursery will require one month's notice in writing if you choose to leave the nursery or request to change set days of attendance or one month's fees are paid in lieu of written notice given.

Grants Available

The nursery has qualified as a setting eligible to access grants for Early Entitlement funding (for three year olds). We liaise and attend training courses with early years specialists who also visit the nursery to plan play provision.Most three year olds whose third birthday falls between September and early April should be eligible for early Entitlement funding. Parents will be automatically be advised by the Manager regarding the eligibility for three year olds.

Our Policies and Procedures

The following is a list of all the current policies and procedures held by the nursery. If you would like to read them in detail these can be found on the hall table in a blue folder. All policies are reviewed regularly and changes made when necessary. They are compiled to ensure that all current legislation and Health & Safety law and procedures are taken into account and also that best practice is used at all times.

  • Mission Statement
  • Outings & Trips
  • Illness & Medication
  • Behaviour Policy-bullying
  • Staff Training & Development
  • Induction/Settling In
  • Provision of Food & drink/healthy eating
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Child Protection Procedure
  • Adverse Weather Condition
  • Allegations of Abuse against Staff/Volunteers
  • Positive Behaviour Management
  • Late collection of children
  • Procedure for collection of children
  • Missing Persons
  • Concerns & Complaints
  • Recruitment & Selection of staff.
  • Infant Feeding/Comforter Policy
  • No Shoe Policy


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Contact us and we'll aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

The Wendy House (Wales) Limited, Brynford, Nr Holywell, Flintshire CH8 8AD, UK

+44 (0)1352 715100